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How to choose the access control system

Time:2016-08-07 Author:Carea Technology (Shenzhen) Co.,Ltd

(A) Access selection criteria:
We chose a standard access control system are: the first is the quality (reliability, stability, low failure rate measure); second is sufficient (regular manufacturers of products to meet the needs of users are generally more than 98% of the standard features you can function is not possible, in a simple and practical for the best); the third is the price (choice price / performance ratio good product).
(B) Production history:
From the time said that European and American products are generally developed a long production time (generally more than 10 years), the product is the result of many generations of improved, more stable and reliable quality, product serialization; and Hong Kong and Taiwan and domestic R & D production time is relatively short (typically 1-6 years), Taiwan-made products relatively little longer, generally small and medium-based system, the quality of the performance of different brands relatively large difference.
(C) the scale of production:
Europe and access control products are generally formed by the production of specialized manufacturers, product scale and standardization, manufacturers are only responsible for the development and production and engineering integrators to sell and install systems worldwide through distributors and manufacturers are not directly the end user, but not directly to the user installation and technical services, but done through a proxy system.
Taiwan's products are sold by way of Europe, but the domestic brands are relatively small scale of production, products are mostly self-produced, self-marketing, make their own installation, relatively small-scale production, which is difficult to expand domestic product of reason.
(D) Price:
In general the price of products in Europe and America is more than Hong Kong and Taiwan and domestic product prices 4-5 times, generally large and important project sites use more Western products, more from the reliability and stability of the system to consider the user requirements , especially some of the larger projects use more imported Western products. While Hong Kong and Taiwan and many domestic products are generally used in small and medium projects and seeking a simple place, along with improving the quality of domestic products will occupy more market share.
(V) function:
Technology is the development of access control products from Europe and America began to produce in the United States and Europe are very standardized access control technology industry standards, all manufacturers of products are also in accordance with uniform standards to regulate the performance, as the United States if they meet the UL and FCC standards, must have the appropriate security hardware and software products and systems for standard features, and these conditions are very high standards to meet the needs of 98% of the users, so users in the selection of equipment as long as the above criteria, you can safely procurement, and do not bother to examine one by one the access control function.
Early RTHK and the domestic product is relatively simple access control features of the product, such as stand-alone access control products, integrated access control products, was developed to network access control products, but also a short time, reliability, and stability on large access control systems It has to be raised.
(Vi) Security: General product safety design in Europe and America is more stringent, this is because the United States and Europe have very strict security industry standards, in particular the system manufacturers of their products are generally low-level interface protocol is not open, it is largely from a security perspective considerate. The domestic manufacturers because there is no strict industry standards, product safety can not be guaranteed, as long as the purchase of products in general can provide the underlying interface protocol management software can also be rewritten according to the needs of users, seemingly more flexible, the actual hidden security risks, because the software and hardware, the software written just takes time to test, the security and stability of the hardware and software is the most important, so try to use the time- tested products.
(Vii) price:
Also import access control products, product price difference is relatively large, the introduction of domestic products in foreign countries are more mainstream product, quality and performance are better, but the price may vary more than 1 times, which requires users to carefully compare and discrimination, both in the quality of products that have a relatively good value for money choice.
Domestic product quality relatively large difference between the price level difference of about 1-2 times the price is also very different, requiring users to compare carefully. Q: Who to buy access control systems? To manufacturers, agents or contractors

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